Consulting services

As well as providing one-to-one coaching to senior leaders, I provide consultancy services to a range of organisations operating in the professional services sector. In this role, I support my clients in relation to their strategic initiatives, most of which have a significant client-facing or people-based aspect. I draw on the experience which I gained over 14 years in leadership roles and I work with Chairmen, CEOs, Senior and Managing Partners, and Business Development, HR and Strategy Directors.

The projects on which I work include:

- Supporting law firms in relation to their strategy development and implementation

- Designing and acting as facilitator for partner away-days

- Carrying out client feedback exercises, in order to enhance firms’ relationships with their clients

- Organisational development, particularly the roles, responsibilities and effectiveness of Boards, senior leadership teams, practice heads and business services directors

- Career transition for senior leaders reaching the end of their terms of office and for partners planning for the next stage of their careers

- Applying psychometric tools to assess motivations, capabilities, personality and behaviours. These include tests to measure overall personality (MBTI®), how individuals relate to others (FIRO-B), data-gathering from my client’s context (360 degree feedback) and strengths inventories.

Contact Dick:

First Floor, York House,
74-82 Queen Victoria Street,
London EC4N 4SJ

T: 0207 282 0101
M: 07831 445712