What can you expect from me?

- to focus solely on you and your situation, your goals and desired outcomes and to keep the contents of our discussions entirely confidential.

- to listen and question with genuine curiosity, to provide open and honest feedback and to provide support and challenge in ways that will facilitate the achievement of your goals. In addition to listening and questioning, this may include brainstorming, providing tools and other inputs, or seeking, collating and providing input from others.

- to encourage you to rise to challenges, generate creative solutions for overcoming hurdles and to move to action.

- to review progress with you at regular intervals and to make adjustments as appropriate.

In return, I will expect you:

- to be committed to the coaching process, which means contributing to our discussions in an open and honest manner and keeping to any agreements for action that you make during our meetings.

- to be open to trying out new ideas, to having your assumptions tested and your thinking challenged and to engage in what I hope will be an enjoyable and rewarding process.

- to let me know if something is not working for you or if you have any concerns, so that I can address them: the strength of coaching depends on the trust and openness that exists between us.

Contact Dick: dick@dicktyler.com

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T: 0207 282 0101
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