Why might you want me to be your coach?

My role is to serve you as a sounding board and to help you discover resources that you have but which you may not already be using. In order for coaching to work, our relationship needs to be a collaborative one, between equals.

The coaching clients I enjoy working with most are those in leadership positions, with responsibility for delivering a bottom-line result and leading a team. You might be a Senior or Managing Partner, a Practice or Industry Head, a partner with key client responsibilities, a head of a support function (business development, HR, finance, IT, etc.) or a General Counsel with responsibility for a corporate legal function. You probably don't think of yourself as a leader by entitlement.

In all probability, you have a vision and are committed to managing your challenges. Together, we will work to identify your key goals and to close the gap between where you are now and your potential. Topics that we might explore together include a number of aspects of leadership:

- board effectiveness

- influencing

- personal impact

- communication

- delegation

- team development

- managing time

- prioritising

- decision-making

- acquiring organisational savvy

- strategic thinking

Ways in which I might help you beyond our one-to-one meetings, are:

- strategic planning

- brainstorming

- facilitating a discussion with your team

- shadowing

- preparing and rehearsing a presentation

- 'laser' coaching: short, incisive coaching on a real-time issue.

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