What is coaching?

The aim of my coaching is to unlock your potential to maximise your performance.

Coaching is a process designed to help you to access your best thinking and more of your capabilities, in order to achieve your objectives.

It’s a bespoke form of personal learning and development which involves:

- Formulating clear and attainable goals

- Working out how best to achieve them

- Identifying the resources (internal and external) that will assist in the process

- Developing methods for monitoring progress and keeping on track

The essence of my coaching conversations centres on:

- Achieving clarity and focus

- Generating self-awareness

- Determining actions and outcomes

During these conversations, my role is to support, encourage and, where appropriate, challenge you in order to clarify situations and question self-limiting beliefs or unhelpful patterns of behaviour. Four principles underpin effective coaching:

- Client agenda:

your perspective, and the context in which you operate, is always the start point

- Future focused:

the overall emphasis is on moving forward rather than on the past

- Non-directive:

my coaching seeks to draw out ideas and solutions from you; I may offer some thoughts if appropriate, but I will not prescribe or advise on any particular course of action

- Self-sufficiency:

my coaching leaves you with sufficient self-awareness, skills and tools to continue to develop on your own beyond our coaching relationship.

I am not a psychoanalyst, but as your coach, I will need to know a little about your life outside work and the issues that you are experiencing beyond your job in order for both of us to take a more rounded view and for me to work with you as fully as possible.

We will work together as partners and as equals. My experience of management and leadership is present in my coaching, but I make use of it largely by keeping it in the background and as a stimulus for stretching your performance to its full potential.

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