My story

My parents met at Bletchley Park during the war and I was brought up in a modest and well-supported environment outside Cheltenham, where my father worked at GCHQ. I learnt from my parents the values of integrity, discretion and personal responsibility.

I went to a state grammar school and decided when I was 16 that I wanted to go to Cambridge and to play rugby to the best of my ability. Going to Cambridge, where I studied Geography and then Law, was the transformational event in my life. It gave me the opportunity to fulfil my academic potential and to take part in other aspects of university life to the full, on a totally level playing field.

While I was at Cambridge, I played rugby for the university when it still boasted a first class fixture list. I played in three Varsity Matches and scored a try for Cambridge against the New Zealand All Blacks. This was a competitive, physically tough, sink-or-swim environment. It stretched me to my limits both physically and mentally.

As a result, I learnt a huge amount in my late teens and early twenties about the personal commitment, leadership and teamwork that is needed to achieve high performance and the disciplines, skills and processes that make for successful teams. All this was stress-tested twice a week in front of a paying audience, with 15 opponents trying their best to stop us achieving our objective. I have drawn on this experience extensively in my leadership roles and in my coaching.

I have been described as an ISTJ with a colourful life and a sense of humour! Outside work, I am a father to two daughters in their twenties, who have demonstrated conclusively the non-applicability of coaching in the family environment. I sing in the St. Bartholomew's Hospital Choral Society, where I experience the same benefits of commitment, leadership and teamwork as I did on the rugby field.

I have been president of the alumni society of my Cambridge college and I sit on its development committee. I have also been a director of PRIME, which is the major initiative between law firms to address social mobility issues in the legal profession, and I sit on the committee of the City of London Law Society. I am a director of Varsity Match Company Limited, which is the parent company of the annual rugby fixtures played between Oxford and Cambridge universities. I live in London, Tweet sporadically and enjoy keeping fit and making the most of the cultural opportunities that London offers.

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